6 Ways an 03 Phone Number Helped Raise 19m Pounds For Soldier’s Charity

If you an avid reader of The Sun newspaper (or an occasional/mystery reader!) you can have perhaps visible its Auction for Heroes charity event this month (April 2009). afghanistan phone number Auction for Heroes targets to elevate £20m for the Help the Heroes corporation – a countrywide charity installation to raise money for injured soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.afghanistan phone number The tabloid’s fundraiser bought unwanted items from its readers on an eBay web page devoted to the cause and it extensively utilized an 03 smartphone quantity as its essential donation line: 0300 2 hundred 1066.At final remember the auction had nearly smashed its goal – raising a terrific £19m.Here are 6 methods an 03 cellphone quantity helped to reap this:

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  1. 03 phone numbers cost the same to call as general landline numbers even from a cell smartphone (forty% of all calls are actually crafted from mobiles). They also are included inside the free minutes presented by means of community companies.
  2. The public trust 03 numbers because of their obvious name expenses. This makes 03 numbers caller friendly and therefore no longer challenge to terrible publicity.
  3. 0300 numbers (various 03 numbers) are exclusively for public our bodies and charities.

Four. Like all non-geographic numbers, afghanistan phone number 03 numbers gave the auction a countrywide presence – that means The Sun turned into capable of submit one unmarried memorable number for the duration of the United Kingdom – which is not place particular.

Five. afghanistan phone number An 03 wide variety donation line could have sensible call structures delivered to it without difficulty. For example, welcome messages and caller options. E.G. “Welcome to the Auction for Heroes donation line, press 1 to donate, press to for more information approximately where your donation goes and so forth.)

  1. 03 cellphone numbers can frequently be less expensive to run in case you are seeking for out the issuer with the most competitive presenting within the market.

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