Building Your Email List The Right Way

We’re going to assume that you have already signed up with an Email Service Provider (ESP) like MailChimp or ConstantContact. email list database But how do you develop a robust list of targeted customers or prospects?

Well, there are a lot of ways to build your email list but let’s look at some of our favorite tricks for doing it the right way.

Email Database

Priority placement for your optin form
Make it easy to find your optin form. A text link to “click here to join our mailing list” is not going to be sufficient to draw your readers’ attention and spur them to sign up. Have your optin form link from an eye-catching graphic to give it proper prominence on your site.

Likewise a single optin form on your home page doesn’t offer visitors an easy opportunity to sign up after they just read a compelling article on your site. email list database Offer multiple opportunities for visitors to sign up throughout your site.

Offer special incentive for joining your email list
You’re asking readers to give you something…offer to give them something in return. You can send them a white paper, a checklist, discount coupons or enter them in a raffle to win. It should be of value to your subscribers whatever it is. email list database It doesn’t have to cost a fortune but it shows them you appreciate them sharing their information with you.

Collect only the information you need
While it’s great to have a lot of data in your email list database this is really only great for you. It’s not necessarily great for your readers who may be reluctant to share a lot of personal information. email list database So ask for only as much as you need. Even if fields are optional, the visual cues that you’re giving are “big brother is watching” and is a big disincentive for joining your mailing list.

Ask for subscribers via alternate channels as well
Make sure you’re asking for subscribers via a variety of channels. Have a sign up sheet on the counter and ask customers to sign up while you ring up purchases. Have a sign up sheet on your table at trade shows and expos. email list database All printed material should have your URL and an invite to join your mailing list. Include a link to your sign up form in your email signature. Post it on your social media channels. Where ever you are connecting with your target audience, ask them to sign up.

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