Business Opportunity Seeker Leads – Legitimate Or Rip Off

Today there are very cost effective lead sources available, especially for business opportunity seeker leads, business opportunity seekers leads but you have to know how and where to purchase these type leads or you will be taken for the ride of your life, pay to much, and perhaps have your business shut down.

Business opportunity seeker leads, when you ever buy them, should be purchased at rock bottom prices. business opportunity seekers leads It’s a good idea to find out how many times that month the list has been sold to others and what the lead company’s policy is for selling that list in the future. If they can’t tell you, Red Flag.

Email List of Business Opportunity Seekers

Typically business opportunity seekers are a dime a dozen and not qualified in any respect no matter how much you pay for them. As far as fresh leads only 24 hours old, don’t buy into that. business opportunity seekers leads A person who truly wants a home business is not someone who just thought about it for 24 hours and lost their ambition just because they didn’t hear from you.

What to watch out for when buying leads:

1. Business opportunity seeker leads that are exclusive. How does the company know that the person did not opt-in somewhere else? business opportunity seekers leads That’s like guaranteeing that the lead will answer the phone when you call or answer your email. It won’t happen.

2. Business opportunity seeker leads that are just 24-hours old. Of course they can show you the opt-in time stamp so they are “fresh.” Big deal. Freshness does not mean this is a qualified lead who has a true interest in your product, service or business.

3. Business opportunity seeker leads that are interviewed by telephone complete with info on how much money they’re willing to spend to get started, and all their vital information. business opportunity seekers leads These telephone interviewed leads are really pricey, $15 to $20 a lead. Usually they are not worth the paper they are written on. You are done when they don’t remember the interview, never wanted a business but told the phone interviewer what they wanted to hear to get them off the phone, etc. Don’t do this to yourself.

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