How to Choose the Bet Pre-NOD List For Your Real Estate Marketing Campaign

When I first started out in real estate investing (in 1999) – I had no idea wherein to begin. realtor mailing list Luckily, I had a “mentor” (if that’s what you want to call him) that gave me a few ideas on what I ought to do and who I should marketplace mailing list Since I turned into typically interested by wholesaling homes, he steered me in the direction of mailing postcards to house owners who had code violations with the town. These were PERFECT applicants for the varieties of deals I was after. realtor mailing list So I stayed up limitless nights, printing postcards on my printer on four x 6 index playing cards and hand addressing them to this list of people.

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Needless to say, it worked! Sellers commenced to call me, and I ultimately did my first deal. From them on, I become hooked! I knew that during order for me to make any money inside the actual property business, I could must goal my target market and then mail, mail, mail. So I’ve been doing that ever on the grounds that.

Now let’s talk about ultra-modern market and the way you could drill down to your ideal audience. realtor mailing list With foreclosure at an all time excessive, there’s a outstanding need for human beings to assist house owners who’re dealing with foreclosure. Whether it be with short income, loan modifications, or different solutions, there may be a specific mailing listing that you should purchase to growth your supplier leads, and dominate your neighborhood marketplace!

What I’m referring to is the PRE NOD List. This is a list of owners who are in the back of on their mortgages. realtor mailing list You can clear out this listing via many one-of-a-kind search criteria, consisting of mortgage stability, zip codes, number of days late on their loan, available fairness, and extra! Just these days, the feature has been introduced to even filter those lists via lender. That is extraordinary information for short sale experts that don’t want or like to deal with Bank of America/Countrywide.

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